Not your ordinary video booth

Ready for an amazing time? Wedding, corporate event, gender reveal, birthday, family reunion, or anything you can think of, the Slowmo Booth is a great way to capture your special event! Think of it as a Photo Booth but with slow motion video, tons of props and WAY more fun!

Photo by: Steve Keegan

Photo by: Steve Keegan

What's included?

We bring everything that you need to make the Slowmo Booth the best experience it can be!

- Set up and clean up of booth area

- 3 hours of recording

- Assortment of props (confetti, balloons, custom streamers, etc.)

- Solid colored background (custom backgrounds available)

- Operators to manage equipment and give direction

- Edited HD video with a great choice of music

- Extra digital copy ready for social media upload

Ready to book?

Watch some of our videos below! Don't forget to watch in HD!

Ready to book?


The video that started it all

In 2014, my husband and I created a slow motion video of our families so we could watch it when we got homesick. We had so much fun that we decided to offer this service to anyone who wants it! Watch it below!