Photo by:  Maydeline Ines

Photo by: Maydeline Ines

Meet Omy

I see beauty in small details and in every person I meet. I love to capture the essence of a person, their true self. I believe a photo session should be as unique as the person that I photograph, and of course, it should be fun!

Our life is ever changing and in the blink of an eye everything can be different. What I love about photography is that it never changes, even when our life does. It keeps a moment still, so we can go back to it whenever we want. It helps us remember what we have forgotten with the passing time.

I invite you to have this FUN experience with me.

  some of My quirks

Ice cream is my weakness | I am a Harry Potter geek | I believe in the healing power of laughter | I love meeting people who are unapologetically themselves | I love snail mail


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Photography

  • Master of Fine Arts Degree in Cinematography (M.F.A.)

  • Constantly taking courses and workshops focused on my craft, like for example: Lola Melani Maternity Workshop, member of Sue Bryce Education, The Portrait Masters Conference, multiple Kelly Brown Newborn posing classes, photography retreats that focus on newborn and maternity photography, and counting.