Maternity Wardrobe & Guide

our wardrobe


Silks and fabric wraps (various colors)


Lace gowns


Strapless tube dress


ideas for what to bring

  • Statement necklace/jewelry

  • Lingerie set

  • Jeans (non-maternity)

  • Bodysuit

  • Turtleneck dress/top


Other Suggestions

thong and panty.jpg

Skin color strapless bra & thong

Please bring a pair of nude underwear (thong) and a strapless nude bra, they are recommended for certain set ups with fabrics.
Feel free to bring anything else that looks beautiful on you. If you are looking for natural portraits, semi nude images with fabrics, or if you are planning to use our studio clothing, you don't have to bring anything. Just a strapless bra and nude underwear are recommended.

For your Partner: Jeans, a pair of fitted t-shirts or dress shirt (solid, in dark tones)


  • Get a mani/pedi a day or two in advance. Natural/pastel tones are recommended

  • Makeup & Hair: Professional hair and makeup is recommended for you to look your best in your session. The best option is to get your hair and makeup done right before the shoot or to hire a trusted hair and makeup artist to come the day of your shoot. Feel free to book your preferred hair and makeup artist to come with you to your shoot!

    If you are doing your own hair and makeup: please arrive with hair and makeup ready for your shoot. Keep it simple and natural with your makeup unless you are going for a more dramatic look.

  • Try not to wear tight underwear on the day of your session, arrive to the studio in loose clothing to prevent body marks.

  • Avoid spray/fake tanning, excessive bronzers and shimmers